At OSAKA INSTITUTE OF FASHION, we Plan Do the world's standard mode.

Although the level of skill of Japan's apparel industry is among the top in the world, unique ideas and designs did not blossom in Japan. We believe the ability to "generate ideas and design" is essential for winning the international race.

The tutors at Osaka Institute of Fashion (OIF) have themselves studied repeatedly at fashion schools in Italy, the U.K. and the U.S., mastered ways to teach 'inspiration method and design expression', and established the program to relay their experiences to Japanese students.

It is much easier to invite tutors from abroad, but doing so does not lead to reforming the educational system including the faculty and teaching methods. It is only by having the Japanese tutors study abroad every year that the academic standard can be raised and the most up-to-date teaching methods maintained.

OIF's aim and challenge are to nurture talent who are able to learn, Plan (generate ideas, design) and Do (practice) at world level.

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